Author Topic: Join the Christmas Lantern Parade on Sunday 15th December  (Read 3061 times)


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Join the Christmas Lantern Parade on Sunday 15th December
« on: November 24, 2013, 12:31:57 am »
Join the Christmas Lantern Parade on Sunday 15th December

With only a few weeks before Christmas, all around Newbury families are putting the finishing touches to the willow and tissue paper lanterns that they have been crafting in preparation for the Corn Exchange’s 4th annual Lantern Procession on Sunday 15th December.

This year, Corn Exchange is holding three public workshops, including the first ever, ‘Lantern Making for the Brave’ where members of the community can embark on bigger lantern making projects with the help of specialist artists. So keep your eye out for some more elaborate lantern work at this year’s parade along with the hundreds of other lanterns that the creative people of Newbury have made this year.

Meanwhile in the run up to the event the Corn Exchange’s Learning and Participation Department has also been working with seven local schools and community groups across the county.  The Corn Exchange have also begun training teachers and leaders across the county to make lanterns with their own groups so that more and more people can get involved in this amazing community project to produce the fabulous lanterns that make this event so special.

The Corn Exchange’s Learning and Participation Manager, Sarah Gregson says:
“I can’t believe how much lantern making activity is going on this autumn. We have four artists working with us on the workshops along with lots and lots of amazing volunteers and I can’t wait to see what comes out of our public, schools and groups workshops this year as people get more and more creative each time they are involved. Really our new ‘Lantern Making for the Brave’ workshops are inspired by the ambition we have seen within families to create bigger and better lanterns. I hope they enjoy it – I know I will! ”

At 4pm on Sunday 15the December the community will gather together with their lanterns, and at 4.30pm, they will become part of a river of twinkling lights, as they start to wind their way in a parade from the Methodist Church on Northbrook Street, to Market Place in Newbury Town Centre.

Organized by the Corn Exchange and funded by Greenham Common Trust and Arts Council England, is now a regular part of the venue’s annual outdoor arts programme of events.

Don’t miss it, as it is fast becoming a Newbury Christmas Tradition.   

If you wish to keep informed of future outdoor events in Newbury join the Corn Exchange email list at, follow the Corn Exchange on Facebook or on Twitter @CornExchange.